What is IRMA?

Bühler’s International Rice Milling Academy (IRMA) has been helping to shape the future of the rice processing industry since it was established in 2019 at the company’s Application Center in Bengaluru. IRMA is the world’s first dedicated rice processing academy, and houses the entire line of paddy-to-rice processing – making it the only place where students can learn every aspect of rice processing in an invaluable real-life environment. Participants from industry-leading rice mills through to brand-new start-ups have gained a huge range of invaluable skills at IRMA – everything from maximizing efficiency and productivity through automation and AI to complying with international food safety regulations. All of this has helped to create a whole new generation of expert and in-demand rice millers.

Course Objectives

Understanding end-to-end rice milling process

Training key resources (owners/operation managers/officers/traders)

Having a hands-on experience with rice processing

Possessing comprehensive knowledge in rice milling

Becoming a sought-after industry resource through certifications

Benjamin Adukwu Supervisor, Lifecare Ventures Ltd, Nigeria

"Without having previous experience in rice milling, this course gave me the confidence to establish a new plant in Nigeria"

Mahesh Kumar
Mill Operator, Savithri Group, India

"The course focusses on future advancements like automations, which will enhance the present traditional process. This will prove extremely useful in the future."

Vivekanand Jha
Plant Supervisor, Arjun Mill, Nepal

"More than learning about a rice mill and its day-to-day operations, I learnt about how we could judge the quality of the product, which is critical for millers. Group discussions with other participants who came from diverse backgrounds were very beneficial to me."